Tips For Designing Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Businesses that exhibit at trade shows not only need to show off their products, but they also need to tell the story of their brand through the visuals they display. Because exhibitors have to compete for attention, they need unique and memorable displays, and that's why many businesses opt to buy a custom-designed exhibit from a company like Team One Exhibits rather than renting one. The following are a few things to consider when designing a custom exhibit.

Space Requirements

When designing a booth, it's essential to know the space limitations for the exhibit. Trade show rules will include information about the maximum allowable width, depth, and height for each booth. There may be specific guidelines for different positions on the floor, to make sure that displays don't interfere with lighting or block safety exits, for example. If the exhibit will be used for multiple events, it may be important to stick to fairly standard dimensions.


Exhibitors should always consider their goals when designing a custom booth. If the primary goal is to launch a new product, for instance, the exhibit might feature a video demo of the product or a giant image introducing the product. If the exhibitor's goal is to introduce a new brand, on the other hand, the exhibit design should feature the brand's story.


A trade show floor is generally a noisy and visually chaotic place. Visitors may experience sensory overload, and it may be difficult for them to take in paragraphs of text or complex images. Thus, the most effective visual designs are simple and clear enough that viewers can get the message in a single glance. Text should be kept to a minimum, and a single large image will have more impact than multiple smaller ones. Bright colors and shiny textures can also help messages stand out.


A trade show booth is more than just a display; it's also a space that exhibitors, colleagues, and guests need to inhabit for the duration of the show. When designing a custom exhibit, it's important to think about how the booth will be used. It may be helpful to include meeting space for talking one-on-one with potential customers. On the other hand, it may be more important to have an open plan that will welcome multiple visitors comfortably.

By purchasing a custom-designed trade show exhibit, businesses can count on being able to display a one-of-a-kind representation of their brand. To learn more about custom exhibits, visit Team One Exhibits. 


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